The Landing Page is Mightier than the Ad

I’m always amazed by how much work (time, money, effort, revisions, fights, blood, sweat, tears) people are willing to put into front-end creative for advertising without so much as thinking about what happens after.

In some cases, at all.

Take, for example, this mobile ad I was served by Emirates Airlines, highlighting its ongoing policy debate with major American carriers over the Open Skies agreement:

Emirates Ad

I was curious to read what Emirates had to say, so I clicked thru (which they paid for).

I was taken to this lovely landing page:


Pretty epic fail.

It shouldn’t have been very hard to produce a mobile friendly landing page, but it absolutely was not hard to have at least tested it.

At worst, they could have suppressed mobile ad serving until they had a mobile-friendly site. But more likely, given that such a high percentage of traffic these days is mobile, they should have had a mobile-first option as part of their overall plan.

Emirates is far from alone. Far too many people still fall into a familiar trap: “we have a problem. Let’s run ads!” And they think the story ends there.

Far from it. In fact, at my company Opinion Leaders, we encourage our clients to think first about what the last thing they want people to see is… and then work back from there.

The landing page experience, the call-to-action, the data capture… these are where you can gain meaningful, fully tangible benefits from your digital ad campaign.

If you aren’t thinking through the full funnel and user experience of your digital marketing effort, you’re doing it wrong. And it’s costing you leads, supporters, data, ROI… and cold-hard cash.



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